Hi Students,

I find that usually everyone knows how to print the Assignment Sheets and complete the problems for the second week of homework.  However, here are a few reminders of things students commonly forget for the second class:

  • PLEASE re-read and follow carefully the Lab Report Format posted to the Homework page (4th bullet point) as you complete your Prelabs in your lab notebook this week.  We went over this in class, but please look back at it as you work.  Don’t forget to copy the blank table (using a ruler) into your lab notebook, too.  Use blue or black ink.
  • Remember to punch holes in your Lab Safety Contract and Syllabus, and place them as the first two items in your binder.  I will check all of them this week.  No signed contract = no lab participation = zero for lab this week.
  • Dress appropriately… get used to covering your feet and legs.  Not dressed appropriately =  no lab participation = zero for lab this week.
  • Study the flashcards on Engrade.  These are the conversions the quiz will cover on Aug 28.
  • Don’t forget your signed Assignment Sheet.  This is your homework grade!

See you Thursday!  jb