HW due August 21 is posted!


I enjoyed seeing each of you in class today.  I hope you enjoyed it, too.  If not, there’s only 29 more classes to go! 🙂

Your homework for next week is posted on the homework page.  Please don’t hesitate to email or call with questions (before noon on Wednesday if you need a response by Thursday).  Many of the concepts we are covering are new for you… factor-label method, significant figures, writing a lab report properly.  The list goes on, so please ask if you need help.

Remember there will be a quiz August 28 over the metric conversions, the lab equipment drawings/table, and the lab safety contract.

For your lab report, please use the linked handout on the Homework page (do not use the Unit Conversion Lab in the book!).  Also, please use the Lab Report Format which is also linked to the Homework page, and don’t forget to copy the empty table into your Data section before class!

I will see you next week!  jb