“Jill Bundy is an exceptional teacher!  She provides a college-prep level course that challenges students to fulfill their potential while sharing her enthusiasm for science.  My son was inspired to pursue Biochemistry as a major in college because of Mrs. Bundy’s Chemistry class and has been very successful in those courses because of the foundation she provided.  The hands-on experiments each week are very engaging and give application to the technical information being studied.  As a homeschool mother with no science background, I am extremely grateful to Mrs. Bundy for motivating my children to dig deep into the material, stay organized, and be accountable for their own assignments.” — Mandy Hall (Children in Classes of 2016 and 2020)

“Jill Bundy is a GREAT chemistry teacher. She is knowledgeable and organized. My daughter went into chemistry with a bit of anxiety. However, Mrs. Bundy presented the material clearly and explained the concepts well. She managed the classroom with professionalism AND fun. My daughter came out of the class with a smile and confidence in what she learned.” — Kellye Stelling (Children in Classes of 2009, 2011, and 2017)

“I have been very pleased with Jill Bundy. Two of my children have enjoyed learning chemistry from her. My daughter has subsequently taken chemistry 1 and 2 in college and made an A in both classes. Jill not only teaches the subject well, but she also teaches responsibility and organizational skills. I like that. Thanks, Jill!”  –Molly Matheny, (Children in classes of 2012 (daughter) and 2016 (son))

“Whenever my friends heard that Chemistry would be one of my courses for Senior year, they would often say ‘I’m sorry for you.’ They obviously didn’t have Jill Bundy as their teacher, as Chemistry has by far been among my favorite High School courses! Mrs. Bundy has been a phenomenal teacher. She is always kind, helpful, and patient with me and the rest of the class. Her course has continually challenged me in new ways, and in doing so allowed me to tap into my potential as a student. I feel well prepared for whatever college Chemistry may throw at me! She has been such a blessing, and I would recommend her to any student who will be taking Chemistry”. –Will Gray, Class of 2012

“I want to thank you for the great job in your Chemistry class. My daughter was apprehensive at best when we told her that she would be taking a class / tutoring in Chemistry this year. To our delight, not only has she understood the material but has had a good time learning… I believe that you have made the learning of Chemistry fun… We can see, in our daughter’s attitude, your dedication to sharing your expertise with those that want to learn. My heartfelt thanks to you.” –Mac McKee (Children in classes of 2013 and 2015)

“Jill Bundy has taught two of my high school homeschoolers, one of which has already graduated. That student went on to college chemistry and did very well! Jill is very organized, incredibly competent in her field and is very good with the students! I would highly recommend her!” — Cheri Smith (Children in Classes of 2007 & 2012)

“Jill’s chemistry class is excellent! This is one of the best classes we have ever taken. I have my 3rd child enrolled now. All three have been challenged but found she is such an excellent teacher that she made chemistry much easier. I had dreaded it but it has been a blessing! My daughter later took it as a dual enrollment class for college credit and found the quality of the college class far inferior in every way (poor teaching, confusing, etc) to Jill’s class. My daughter will have to take Chemistry II now in college, so I am THRILLED she had Jill!” –Kim McDaniel (Children in Classes of 2007, 2009, 2010)

“How grateful I am that we discovered Jill Bundy. Not only is she an impeccable teacher and tutor, she is a godly example and approaches every task with integrity and excellence. Jill has been able to assist my daughter not only in Chemistry, but also in College Algebra and Math Methods of Physics. She utilizes the time well and accomplishes helping a student to comprehend.”

— Cynthia Pepper (Child in Class of 2007)

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