You are almost halfway!


Can you believe it?  You’ve almost made it halfway through chemistry?!  Here are a few reminders about the end of the semester:

  • Our last class of the semester is next week, December 6.
  • We will have a regular class with lecture and lab. Bring your completed and checked Chap 8 Book Test to class with you on Dec 6.
  • Please feel free but not obligated to bring a snack to share in class as we finish Chapter 8. (No nuts!)
  • Your Chap 8 Online Test MUST be finished by Thursday, Dec 13. The test will close at 10pm that day. Bring your work to be graded with you to class on Jan 10 when classes resume.
  • Your final semester grades will be posted on or before December 14.
  • Those with absences will receive a notice over the break outlining how many he or she has.  (Remember that you can only miss 3 labs and still receive your lab credit.)

I wish you a very restful and Merry Christmas! jb