Aug 20 Homework is posted!


I enjoyed seeing each of you in class today.  I hope you enjoyed it, too.  If not, there’s only 29 more classes to go! 🙂

Your homework for next week is posted on the homework page (HW due Aug 20).  Please don’t hesitate to email or call with questions (before noon on Wednesday if you need a response by Thursday).  Many of the concepts we are covering are new for you… factor-label method, significant figures, writing a lab report properly.  The list goes on, so please ask if you need help.

Remember there will be a quiz August 27 over the metric conversion factors, the lab equipment drawings/table (you will get these next week), and the lab safety contract.

For your lab report this week, please use the linked “Unit Conversion Lab” handout on the Homework page (do not use the Unit Conversion Lab in the book!).  Also, please use the Lab Report Format which is also linked to the Homework page, and don’t forget to copy the empty table into your Data section before class!

If you want some help with Module 1 and the conversions, see this video.

I will see you next week!  jb


This week in class…

Hey Kiddos,

We will be reviewing in class for the final this week, which is coming soon (April 30 to be exact).  Please bring your old tests and work, as well as a calculator.  Old tests can now be found here if you need to reprint them.

So… in order that you not feel this way on April 30:

no idea

or feel compelled to put this down as an answer on the final:


Please be present this week with all necessary items and…

keep calm chem


I’ll see you Thursday!  jb

Welcome 2014-2015 Chemistry Class!


Parents & Students,

If you are receiving this post, then you have correctly “followed” my chemistry page.  You will receive most all class updates related to homework and assignments from this blog.

The first homework assignment has been posted and is due August 14.  Note that there are three days of work assigned.  Please bring your printed, completed, and signed Assignment Sheet, as well as, your signed Syllabus and Lab Safety Contract to class with you August 14. (And of course, all class supplies and completed homework.)

I look forward to seeing you then!


A few final words


Good work with the redox reaction today!

Here are a few things to remember as we close out the school year:

1. Next week you will take the final exam in class.  There is no homework this week, except to study. You will need a pencil and calculator for the exam.  You may also bring a snack to share. (I can’t allow you to leave early, so plan on staying the entire class period.)

2. I plan for final grades to be complete by May 8.

3. After May 1, you may unsubscribe (at the bottom) from these mailings, unless you just want to continue hearing from me :).

4. Registration for Bridge classes will take place May 2. Anatomy and physics are both classes you would be qualified to take.

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you this year. It has been great fun! Don’t be surprised if you see a tear in my eye next week, I will miss you. May God continue his saving, sanctifying work in your hearts!

Enjoy your summer!
Mrs. Jill

Contact Info and reminders

Students & Parents,

If you have a QR scanner on your phone, feel free to scan the code above and save my contact info.

Don’t forget that class begins this Thursday in Room 209. I look forward to getting started. Hopefully, you’ve already printed the first assignment. Don’t forget to have a parent sign it once you have completed it and checked it. We will go over your questions on Thursday.

You can also view what we will do in class here.  Don’t forget those signed Syllabi and Safety Contracts, too.

Parent meeting is @ 3PM in Room 201.  See you soon!

Snack Ingredients

Hey Kids- be sure to send me the name, 3 ingredients, and 3 formulas for your snack from yesterday. You can email it to me at homeschoolscience (at)

Sorry we had to miss class yesterday, I’m sure you were really upset by that :). There is one week of homework posted which is due January 10.

Thank you for your emails, we are slowly getting back to normal over here. I hope that you all have a very merry Christmas!