A few final words


Good work with the redox reaction today!

Here are a few things to remember as we close out the school year:

1. Next week you will take the final exam in class.  There is no homework this week, except to study. You will need a pencil and calculator for the exam.  You may also bring a snack to share. (I can’t allow you to leave early, so plan on staying the entire class period.)

2. I plan for final grades to be complete by May 8.

3. After May 1, you may unsubscribe (at the bottom) from these mailings, unless you just want to continue hearing from me :).

4. Registration for Bridge classes will take place May 2. Anatomy and physics are both classes you would be qualified to take.

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you this year. It has been great fun! Don’t be surprised if you see a tear in my eye next week, I will miss you. May God continue his saving, sanctifying work in your hearts!

Enjoy your summer!
Mrs. Jill