Welcome to Bridge Chemistry 2018-2019


Chemistry Students,

If you are receiving this post, then you have correctly “followed” my chemistry page.  👏🏼 You will receive more lengthy class updates related to homework and assignments from this blog.  Tell your friends who have not yet followed me to do it ASAP (there are 2-3 people in each class who have not done so yet)!

As stated in the emails June 30 & July 29, the first three daily HW assignments are due Thursday, Aug 16 (www.homeschool-chemistry.com/homework). The password for the Homework page is included in those emails. It is password protected because it is only for current Bridge Chemistry students. Please keep in mind that it is against The Bridge’s policy to share passwords with students who are not currently enrolled in a particular course at The Bridge.  Email me if you have any questions about how to access the Homework page.

Things to pack for class this week… Use this as a checklist, kiddos. Please be prepared:

  • a smile- relax, you will have a good time in my class. It will be challenging, but fun too! 🙂
  • your printed, completed, and signed Assignment Sheet (Aug 16) and your checked/corrected homework problems
  • the completed Metric Worksheet (including your math work! Math work must always be shown in my class.)
  • the signed Syllabus
  • the signed Lab Safety Contract
  • binder/notebook paper
  • a pencil
  • a black or dark blue ink pen
  • a scientific calculator (I will check these in class this week if needed)
  • your textbook.

You do not need to bring the Answer Key to class. And I will supply the lab notebook in class this week.

Parents will want the “Top Five Parent Responsibilities” file either printed or on their phone during the Parent Meeting (2:30pm Thursday in Room 200).

As always, email, Remind text, or call me before noon on Wednesdays with any and all questions. I am here to help you through these chemistry problems and hopefully inspire you to see God’s hand in all of creation… even in these atoms and subatomic particles.

I look forward to seeing you Thursday! JB

PS- if you are a student from last year, you may unsubscribe at the bottom of this email :).