Final Exam|Last Class next week

keep calm chemStudents,

Remember that our last class meeting will be next week (as if you could forget :)) and that you will take your Final Exam in class.  Please bring a calculator (plan to clear any memory) and writing utensil. Periodic tables, paper, and questions will be furnished.  You may bring food to enjoy and share after the exams are all completed.

I plan to have final grades posted to Engrade by May 4. Your exam grades and yearly average will be posted to a separate class called “Chemistry Final Grade_16_17.”

Study hard this week! That’s all the homework you have.

It has truly been a privilege to teach you all.  I know this has been a tough class, but you have worked hard! Thank you for your diligence.  I will see you one last time next week so that you can show demonstrate all that you have learned!

See you then!