National Mole Day and National Chem Week


We will celebrate National Mole Day and National Chemistry Week next week (10/22/15) with a special lab.  There is no prelab this week.  However, some of you still have calculations to finish if your group didn’t finish them in class today from Lab 5.1.  There is help on p.39 of the Solutions Manual. Be sure to write your postlab paragraph and finish the calcs.

**Also, you will want to begin studying now for your Semester Exam on December 3.**  This exam will cover your old test questions from Modules 1-7 (i.e. studying your old tests and studying with a friend is highly recommended). The exam will be multiple choice. Significant figures and units count.

We will not have time to review in class for this so it is imperative that you study at home (when I went over the old tests in class the first time to correct them was really your in-class review :)).  Feel free to stop by after class to ask questions.

See you next week!  jb