Info for this week…

opposites attractHey Gang,

A few notes for this week:

  • As you complete the test this week, please remember:
    • Do not round masses from the Periodic Table.
    • Be sure to use only the Periodic Table linked to the homework page.  DO NOT use the book periodic table.
    • You should not be using anything during the test except a calculator and the LINKED Periodic Table.
    • All formulas must be memorized.
  • Continue working this week through the videos here.  These will be very helpful!
  • Quiz Dec 4 on the Polyatomic Ions on p.288.
  • Complete and bring the linked Atomic Structure handout to class to be collected Nov 20.
  • The last day of the semester is December 4.  We will have a regular class that day, so please be present.

Enjoy your weekend!  jb