HW due August 29

burnerGreat work today!  Six quick reminders for this week:

1.  Your new homework is posted on the Homework page.  The Module 1 Test and Answer Sheet are linked.  Please put final answers on the Answer Sheet and show your work on notebook paper.  I will collect the Answer Sheet and your notebook paper.  You may only use a calculator for the test.  Conversions must be memorized.

2.  Finish all calculations from the lab which you didn’t finish in class in section V. of your lab report.  Also, write up a Conclusion for the lab (what, how, why, errors?) in section VI of your lab report.

3. Study these flashcards for Module 2.

4. Quiz is next week:  metric conversions and units, lab equipment, lab safety contract.

5. Next week we will be using the burners.  Remember to dress appropriately!

6. Email me if you have questions!