Class #23

Parents and Students,

Please remember the following things for class tomorrow:

  • Calculators!  Remember that bringing calculators to class is part of your homework grade.  More importantly, you can not practice working the problems without  a calculator.
  • We will be reviewing in class a little for the Final Exam tomorrow.  Remember to have all your old tests neatly organized in your notebook for quick access!  These are all posted on the website on the homework page if you need to reprint any of them. (Tomorrow is class #23.  Only 7 classes after that, and only 6 before the exam!  Come prepared tomorrow.)
  • Be sure to bring the worksheet from last week to class tomorrow as we will be finishing that up in class.  Go to last week’s homework to reprint this.
  • No Bridge classes March 18-22 for Spring Break.

See you tomorrow- prepared and ready to go!