Chemistry Class #3 ✅

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Hey Kids…

Great job on the Conservation of Mass lab!

For this week:

1- Please include your two masses, color changes, temperature changes, and percent error in your Postlab, labeling the “what, why, how, data, and errors” we talked about today. Explain why this is called an “exothermic” reaction in your Postlab (look it up in your book for more information). For extra credit, email me ( what the two different colors of solution represent from the lab today.

2- Quiz on Sep 13 over the first 36 elements. Know their symbols and how to spell their names. You do not need to know the atomic number. If someone creates a Quizlet on these, send it to me, and I’ll post it for everyone.

3- Print two copies of the Periodic Table that is located here and bring next week to class.

Enjoy your vacation from labor on Labor Day Monday! jb


2nd Week of Chemistry ✅


Great work on Thursday with your first lab!  Here are a few reminders as we look forward to the third class!

  • New homework is posted, due Aug 30.
  • Your Chapter 1 test is posted on the calendar on Engrade. You are to use your calculator and brain only. Otherwise, you are cheating.
    • The test opens tomorrow (Friday) at 8am and closes Wednesday at 10pm.
    • Be sure you have one hour of uninterrupted internet time.
    • Complete all math work on notebook paper. If you are unsure if work is required, show your work. No work = No credit.
    • Turn in your math work on the notebook paper next Thursday in class (Aug 30) for full credit.
  • You have your first Postlab (Section VI) to complete this week.  Review the Lab Report Format file first. Be sure to include your important data (your actual numbers), any errors, what happened, and why. Use 3rd person.
    • If you completed Experiment 1.2 in class, write the Postlab for 1.2. Read the top of p.18 in your book for some ideas.
    • If you completed Experiment 1.3 in class, write the Postlab for 1.3. Read p.26 in your book for some ideas.
  • You have the next Prelab to complete this week.  This week’s experiment will come from the linked handout (on the Homework Page- Conservation of Mass Lab). Follow the same steps you did last week to complete the Prelab (Sections I-IV).
  • Quiz next Thursday, Aug 30, over metric conversions, lab equipment, and lab safety rules.
  • There will be another quiz Sep 13 over the elements and symbols #1-36 on the periodic table. You need to know the symbol and be able to spell the names of those elements correctly. Print a periodic table for class from the Homework Page to study.
  • If anyone makes flashcards for these, send me the link, and I’ll post them.

Have a great week! jb

First week of chemistry ✅


I enjoyed seeing each of you in class today.  I hope you enjoyed it, too.  If not, there are only 29 more classes to go! 😉

Great job on bringing in those signed items and your Homework Assignment Sheets! I think just about all of you have figured out how to access your homework assignments now.  Please don’t hesitate to email, Remind text, or call with questions (before noon on Wednesday if you need a response by Thursday).  Many of the concepts we are covering are new for you… dimensional analysis, significant figures, writing a lab report properly.  The list goes on, so please ask if you need help.

  • Remember there will be a quiz August 30 over three things: the Engrade metric flashcards (you must memorize the ones I gave you), the lab equipment, and the Lab Safety Contract.
  • For your Prelab report this week, please refer to the Lab Report Format we went over today which is linked to the Homework page and also your notes from last week! (A Prelab is ONLY sections I-IV.)
  • If you want some more help with Chapter 1, see this video or this one.
  • Remember to bring all of your needed school supplies/tools to class each week.  See here. Email me if you don’t know the password.

I will see you Thursday!  jb

Welcome to Bridge Chemistry 2018-2019


Chemistry Students,

If you are receiving this post, then you have correctly “followed” my chemistry page.  👏🏼 You will receive more lengthy class updates related to homework and assignments from this blog.  Tell your friends who have not yet followed me to do it ASAP (there are 2-3 people in each class who have not done so yet)!

As stated in the emails June 30 & July 29, the first three daily HW assignments are due Thursday, Aug 16 ( The password for the Homework page is included in those emails. It is password protected because it is only for current Bridge Chemistry students. Please keep in mind that it is against The Bridge’s policy to share passwords with students who are not currently enrolled in a particular course at The Bridge.  Email me if you have any questions about how to access the Homework page.

Things to pack for class this week… Use this as a checklist, kiddos. Please be prepared:

  • a smile- relax, you will have a good time in my class. It will be challenging, but fun too! 🙂
  • your printed, completed, and signed Assignment Sheet (Aug 16) and your checked/corrected homework problems
  • the completed Metric Worksheet (including your math work! Math work must always be shown in my class.)
  • the signed Syllabus
  • the signed Lab Safety Contract
  • binder/notebook paper
  • a pencil
  • a black or dark blue ink pen
  • a scientific calculator (I will check these in class this week if needed)
  • your textbook.

You do not need to bring the Answer Key to class. And I will supply the lab notebook in class this week.

Parents will want the “Top Five Parent Responsibilities” file either printed or on their phone during the Parent Meeting (2:30pm Thursday in Room 200).

As always, email, Remind text, or call me before noon on Wednesdays with any and all questions. I am here to help you through these chemistry problems and hopefully inspire you to see God’s hand in all of creation… even in these atoms and subatomic particles.

I look forward to seeing you Thursday! JB

PS- if you are a student from last year, you may unsubscribe at the bottom of this email :).

Snow Day 2018 ❄️


This is just a reminder to remind you of my Remind reminders yesterday :).

  • Your homework due Jan 25 is posted. Please just continue working on Chapter 10 as outlined on the Assignment Sheet.
  • I know it is a little crazy not to have a lecture today, but I think you will find these videos helpful. We would have covered Boyle’s, Charles’s, Avogadro’s, and Partial Pressure Laws in class today. The practices at Khan Academy will be very helpful, too, if you need extra help.
  • We are also missing out on a cool polymer demo and Lab 9.2 today. We will perform Lab 9.2 in class on Jan 25 and hopefully, the demo, too, if there’s enough time.
  • Please be sure to bring two week’s worth of Assignment Sheets (including Prelab 9.2 and Postlab 9.1) and your math work from the Chapter 9 Online Test with you to class on Jan 25.

Stay warm! jb


Post-Fall Break Reminders

Hey Kids,

Aside from bringing your completed/corrected Chapter 5 BOOK Test, here is the email from last class:

You have one week of homework due on Oct 19 after Fall Break. There is not a new Prelab due because the Molecular Models Lab does not require one. You do have a Postlab due (5.2). Use p.152-153 to help you write it, especially the red box, two vocab words from book, and the word “surfactant.”

Cite where you got your definition for “surfactant.” See the Lab Report Format file on the Homework page for citation instructions. Please be sure to label your Postlab as usual in the left margin before class.

See you soon! jb

Fall Break 2017

Fall Creek FallsKids-

You have one week of homework due on Oct 19 after Fall Break. There is not a new Prelab due because the Molecular Models Lab does not require one. You do have a Postlab due (5.2). Use p.152-153 to help you write it, especially the red box, two vocab words from book, and the word “surfactant.”

When you get back, we’ll celebrate National Mole Day!    moleparty

Enjoy your time off and stay safe! jb

Reminders for This Week


We discussed the following in class, but here are a few reminders:

  • Be sure to always label your Postlabs prior to class in the left margin with: What, Why, How, Data, and Errors. Include all pertinent data, for example, your qualitative observations this week and which solution conducted electricity.
  • You may reorder your homework this week if you would like more time to prepare for the Chapter 4 Test, but you must complete it before class next week, Oct 5.
  • Here are some excellent videos/practice for more review before the test: electron config review, dot structures, ionic compounds.
  • Complete the worksheet this week that we started in class (linked to the homework page) and return it next week for credit. You may email me for the answers on Monday.

Have a great week… Fall Break is right around the corner! jb

Sep 28 HW

flame pictureStudents,

For this Thursday:

  • Your Postlab must be labeled before class: What, Why, How, Data, Errors. Your Data will be the identity of the two unknowns.  Do NOT forget to include the unknowns.
  • You must also include in your Postlab the following terms correctly: excited, de-excited, electrons, energy, and visible light. Check your book if you aren’t sure how to use them correctly. Please underline them.
  • For your Prelab, you will want to review p112-120 in order to write the three to four  sentence Introduction. The Prelab comes from the linked file “Conductivity of Compounds Lab.”
  • Don’t forget calculators and periodic tables.

See you then! jb

Sep 21, 2017


For this Thursday,

  • Be sure you have handwritten your Prelab in your lab notebooks as usual (according to the Flame Test Lab linked to the HW site).
  • Please note that any data tables are to be hand-drawn into the V. Data Section before coming to class. BaCl2 was left off the table, please add it in. (Props to Jamie for discovering this :)).
  • Be sure you are dressed appropriately for lab. Cover feet and legs.

I look forward to seeing you then! jb