Homework due Sept. 10


Thank you for being prepared with your Postlabs and Prelabs today!


A few reminders for this week:

  • Element/Symbol & Covalent Prefixes (on p.91) Quiz is Sept 17- study the flashcards… as I stated in class, spelling counts!
  • Please finish your calculations from lab 2.2 (if you didn’t already finish in class).  See p. 29 in the Solutions Manual for help.
  • Labor Day is this week- no homework! Yay!
  • Please view these videos pertaining to Module 3. If you have a Khan Academy account (optional, but recommended), log in first and then view the videos:

See you next week!  jb


Periodic Table


Please print two copies of the first page of the Periodic Table listed on the homework page for class this week.  We will do some coloring and highlighting on one in class.  The other copy will be a clean copy that you will use for the rest of your chemistry tests.

In class, in addition to the Element/Prefix Quiz and notes, we will attempt to complete both labs (3.1 & 3.2).   Please dress appropriately and bring both prelabs!

See you soon! jb

A change of plans- sort of…

As you know by now, due to the power outage from the weather, my B & C classes were canceled. The new homework is posted.  We will try to complete both labs next week. I will pick up two week’s of work next week from the B and C classes.

Quiz is Sept 18- study the flashcards… as I stated in class, spelling counts!

Please view these videos if you haven’t already. Log in to your Khan Academy account and then view the videos:

See you next week!  jb

Periodic Table

Don’t forget to print 2 copies of the first page of this Periodic Table for Thursday.

Link to flashcards

One more thing… I forgot to send you the link to the flashcards for the quiz on Sept 19. Here they are!

See you next week!

HW due Sept 12

Here are a few reminders for this week:

1- Homework is posted @ https://homeschool-chemistry.com/homework/

2- Remember to check your homework once it is completed and call/email me with questions. You will need to be prepared each week for a quiz over one homework problem from that week’s work. There won’t be a quiz every week, but some weeks.

3- Module 2 Test is linked to the homework page. Be sure to place all final answers on the provided Answer Sheet.


Electrical Conductivity


Great work on the lab today. Remember to find out why vinegar conducted electricity and write the answer in your lab notebook following your concluding paragraph. Also, here is a link to some helpful info for Module 4.

Module 4 Help

One more thing…watch this video for help on balancing reactions. Balancing Reactions

Get all the practice you can! See you next week!

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