Chemistry Class #3 ✅

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Hey Kids…

Great job on the Conservation of Mass lab!

For this week:

1- Please include your two masses, color changes, temperature changes, and percent error in your Postlab, labeling the “what, why, how, data, and errors” we talked about today. Explain why this is called an “exothermic” reaction in your Postlab (look it up in your book for more information). For extra credit, email me ( what the two different colors of solution represent from the lab today.

2- Quiz on Sep 13 over the first 36 elements. Know their symbols and how to spell their names. You do not need to know the atomic number. If someone creates a Quizlet on these, send it to me, and I’ll post it for everyone.

3- Print two copies of the Periodic Table that is located here and bring next week to class.

Enjoy your vacation from labor on Labor Day Monday! jb