2nd Week of Chemistry ✅


Great work on Thursday with your first lab!  Here are a few reminders as we look forward to the third class!

  • New homework is posted, due Aug 30.
  • Your Chapter 1 test is posted on the calendar on Engrade. You are to use your calculator and brain only. Otherwise, you are cheating.
    • The test opens tomorrow (Friday) at 8am and closes Wednesday at 10pm.
    • Be sure you have one hour of uninterrupted internet time.
    • Complete all math work on notebook paper. If you are unsure if work is required, show your work. No work = No credit.
    • Turn in your math work on the notebook paper next Thursday in class (Aug 30) for full credit.
  • You have your first Postlab (Section VI) to complete this week.  Review the Lab Report Format file first. Be sure to include your important data (your actual numbers), any errors, what happened, and why. Use 3rd person.
    • If you completed Experiment 1.2 in class, write the Postlab for 1.2. Read the top of p.18 in your book for some ideas.
    • If you completed Experiment 1.3 in class, write the Postlab for 1.3. Read p.26 in your book for some ideas.
  • You have the next Prelab to complete this week.  This week’s experiment will come from the linked handout (on the Homework Page- Conservation of Mass Lab). Follow the same steps you did last week to complete the Prelab (Sections I-IV).
  • Quiz next Thursday, Aug 30, over metric conversions, lab equipment, and lab safety rules.
  • There will be another quiz Sep 13 over the elements and symbols #1-36 on the periodic table. You need to know the symbol and be able to spell the names of those elements correctly. Print a periodic table for class from the Homework Page to study.
  • If anyone makes flashcards for these, send me the link, and I’ll post them.

Have a great week! jb