First week of chemistry ✅


I enjoyed seeing each of you in class today.  I hope you enjoyed it, too.  If not, there are only 29 more classes to go! 😉

Great job on bringing in those signed items and your Homework Assignment Sheets! I think just about all of you have figured out how to access your homework assignments now.  Please don’t hesitate to email, Remind text, or call with questions (before noon on Wednesday if you need a response by Thursday).  Many of the concepts we are covering are new for you… dimensional analysis, significant figures, writing a lab report properly.  The list goes on, so please ask if you need help.

  • Remember there will be a quiz August 30 over three things: the Engrade metric flashcards (you must memorize the ones I gave you), the lab equipment, and the Lab Safety Contract.
  • For your Prelab report this week, please refer to the Lab Report Format we went over today which is linked to the Homework page and also your notes from last week! (A Prelab is ONLY sections I-IV.)
  • If you want some more help with Chapter 1, see this video or this one.
  • Remember to bring all of your needed school supplies/tools to class each week.  See here. Email me if you don’t know the password.

I will see you Thursday!  jb