Snow Day 2018 ❄️


This is just a reminder to remind you of my Remind reminders yesterday :).

  • Your homework due Jan 25 is posted. Please just continue working on Chapter 10 as outlined on the Assignment Sheet.
  • I know it is a little crazy not to have a lecture today, but I think you will find these videos helpful. We would have covered Boyle’s, Charles’s, Avogadro’s, and Partial Pressure Laws in class today. The practices at Khan Academy will be very helpful, too, if you need extra help.
  • We are also missing out on a cool polymer demo and Lab 9.2 today. We will perform Lab 9.2 in class on Jan 25 and hopefully, the demo, too, if there’s enough time.
  • Please be sure to bring two week’s worth of Assignment Sheets (including Prelab 9.2 and Postlab 9.1) and your math work from the Chapter 9 Online Test with you to class on Jan 25.

Stay warm! jb